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Why you need an SSL certificate.

An SSL certificate encrypts the data that goes from a user's computer to the target website and back. Every time a user enters information into your site, SSL makes sure it can securely travel from their browser to the web server.

SSL has many advantages. SSL has high encryption levels of up to 256-bit to protect user’s sensitive information. SSL protects websites from attack, reducing the risk of hacking, eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle attacks. Google made changes to its algorithm in 2014, in order to give the upper hand to HTTPS-enabled websites. Your sites SEO ranking benefits from having an SSL cert. SSL certs establish a safe shopping experience. They are necessary for websites accepting payments.

SSL certs enhance user’s trust & confidence levels, as your website will show the’secure connection’ sign. Since 2018 Google has made SSL’s mandatory. Now when a user clicks on a site without anSSL, they get a “Not Secure” warning on the URL bar.

Taking all of the advantages into consideration where can you get an SSL certificate? You can get SSL certificates from your hosting provider or independent SSL rental companies, for simplicity we advise using your hosting company as sometimes they can provide deals on both hosting and SSL services ultimately saving you some money and keeping your site safe and secure

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